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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique that reduces stress and promotes healing. It is made up of two words: Rei = Universal and Ki = Energy.

Whilst this simple definition is enough for most people to begin with, there is far more to Reiki. People's lives are often changed for the better by receiving treatments or by studying the principles of Reiki and perhaps becoming healers themselves.

In the West, Reiki is usually seen as a means to help with physical ailments and conditions, but in fact Reiki can help on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level; a concept that Western forms of medical practice are beginning to take seriously.

Clients remain fully clothed (apart from their shoes), asked to lay on a comfortable treatment table or recliner, and perhaps listen to some soothing music whilst you drift away and relax.. You can be covered with a blanket if you wish.

The only physical contact between the client and practitioner is when the client's head is gently cradled in the hands, and a light touch on the shoulders. The rest of the treatment may involve the practitioner "scanning" the body with the hand a few inches above.

During the treatment, clients often describe having a floating sensation. They can feel strong heat from the practitioners' hands, or tingling. Some feel cool, hence the offer of the blanket.
Many report that it is like feeling the sun on their face, or that they see colours. Most report that it is deeply relaxing and some fall asleep during a treatment.
Rarely, people feel nothing at the time but report benefits later.

For the sceptics ...... No one was more so than I when it was first suggested to me I try a treatment. Energy is all around us. In its simplest form, we direct that energy for the benefit of the client.
A good analogy is: "The practitioner is the aerial and the client is the radio or TV set".



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